The Science Olympics is designed for students from Grades 4 to 12. At this popular event, participants collaborate as a team and compete with other teams as they demonstrate their science skills and knowledge. The competition is held yearly in October.


The STEAM Expo is for students from Grades 5 to 12, who complete an inquiry-based project, and then display their findings at an exhibit. Participants have the opportunity to show their scientific knowledge and skills, while competing against other students in their age group. Successful students have the chance to display their projects at the Canada-wide Science Fair.

The STEAM EXPO is in April.


The Robotics Challenge is a competition for students from grades 6 to 12. Through it, participants display their skills in programming a robot to execute specific tasks.

Past events at the Robotics Challenge have included:

  1. Skills Competition (Novice/Intermediate/Senior)

  2. Robot Dance (Novice/Intermediate/Senior)

  3. Robot Sumo (Novice/Intermediate/Senior)

  4. Robot Rescue (Novice/Intermediate/Senior)

  5. Robot Soccer (Senior level only)

The competition brings together students from across Northern Ontario in May. 


Science Timmins participates at many local, regional, provincial and national events:

  • Every year, five winners from the Regional Science Fair participate at the Canada-Wide Science Fair and the International Science Fair

  • The best senior Science Olympics Team participates every year at provincial Science Olympics competitions

  • The best teams from our Robotics Challenge get to compete at regional and provincial robotics competitions

At these special events, students meet young scientists from across Canada and sometimes the world. They get to exchange scientific ideas and share their accomplishments with their peers. It is a great opportunity for young people to see how fun, exciting and social the sciences can be!


Science on wheels! Science Timmins is dedicated to serve the entire Northern Ontario region and will travel to deliver exciting hands-on programs to groups and schools near and far. Contact us to request a visit from the Science Mobile today!

Pictured are students from the Mary-Jane School on the Mattagami First Nations reserve enjoying science challenges. 


Come enjoy a coffee with the Science Village team while we demystify your gadgets and talk science! 

Happy New Year from Science Village! Thank you to all those who came out to our New Years

Learn strategies on how to deliver hands-on STEAM activities in the classroom or at home. 

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