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Express yourself scientifically

Science Village is Science Timmins’ most ambitious initiative to date. Housed in a heritage building in downtown Timmins, Science Village is a place where visitors and program participants can PLAY, DISCOVER, LEARN FOR THE LOVE OF SCIENCE. The Village is designed to allow people of all ages experience the exhilaration of science and offers informal learning delivered through hands-on activities.

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EVENT OF THE WEEK: Science Odyssey

May 3 to 8, 2021

9:30 - 10:00 am

Express Yourself Scientifically


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  1. How to express yourself scientifically?

  2. When to express yourself scientifically?

  3. Where to express yourself scientifically?

  4. Why to express yourself scientifically?

  5. What to express yourself scientifically?

An invitation to a virtual session which will allow participants to express themselves scientifically about a science topic. This session comprises a short presentation, a science demonstration, a hands-on exploration on-site and a virtual interaction that will allow participants to express themselves scientifically.

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Indigenous Science

Indigenous youth applying science in a culturally way