Several volunteer committees, typically made up of members from our Board of Directors, assist in developing and running our programs and guiding our operations. Together, they make Science Timmins a success, allowing us to deliver top quality programs as diverse as the people who participate in them.
The Finance Committee guides:
  • Fundraising
  • Budgeting
  • Audit reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • All other aspects financing
The Program Committee guides:
  • Existing program maintenance
  • Expanding our reach through Science Mobile
  • Developing future programs
  • All other aspects of education
The Youth Committee provides input and representation for the children and teenagers who participate in our programs.
The Science Village Committee oversees issues dealing with the development, renovation and operation of the forthcoming Science Village location expected to open in 2015.
The Advisory Committee advises the Board of Directors on operational and strategic matters, such as vision, mission, programs, etc.